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May 28, 2013  

Setting the Record Straight > NC Commerce Protection Act Aims to Shut Down Abuse
As you may have seen, the NC Chamber has recently been targeted in disturbing ads by the national Humane Society.  It is extremely disappointing that a national group would stoop to such misrepresentation of a bill and lead the public to believe the business community is in favor of animal abuse of any kind.  The employment fraud section of Senate Bill 648: NC Commerce Protection Act of 2013 is what these groups are referring to in their campaigns.  It is very important to understand that this section is not an “anti-whistleblower” section. What it does is make it unlawful for a potential job applicant to lie or fraudulently misrepresent who they are at the time of hiring for the purpose of gaining access to a facility.

In fact, the bill strengthens guidelines to shut down abuse more quickly. The proposal says that if an employee does spot abuse, theft or any other illegal activity and a recording of some kind is made, that employee would be required to turnover that audio or video over to local law enforcement within 24 hours. We believe that law enforcement is the proper authority to investigate unlawful activity that may be occurring, not a third-party activist group or the media.

The debate – and quite frankly lies – surrounding this issue are distracting from a bill that not only ends abuse, theft or any other on-the-job illegal activity more quickly but also has two other major components to better use taxpayer dollars and to protect consumers from dangerous financing schemes. For the full, factual picture of the NC Commerce Protection Act and why it’s important to strengthening North Carolina’s economy, read NC Chamber’s President Lew Ebert’s recent editorial, “Legal climate affects jobs.”

NC Chamber Spans State to Discuss North Carolina Vision 2030
The North Carolina Chamber is underway with a statewide tour to share North Carolina Vision 2030 with hundreds of business leaders and other stakeholders. This is the launch of a comprehensive effort to produce reasonable solutions for the state’s most pressing economic challenges and transform North Carolina into a global jobs leader. NC Chamber President Lew Ebert kicked off the tour, meeting with members of the Greensboro Partnership and Henderson County Chamber. Last week, Lew was joined by NC Chamber Chair Jack Bailey to NC Vision 2030 at the Greenville-Pitt County Chamber of Commerce. The discussion around the need for a long-tern, forward-thinking strategy for North Carolina continued on the Talk of the Town radio show – listen now!

If you are interested in receiving biweekly updates on progress of Vision 2030 and the North Carolina Chamber Foundation, sign up now for NC in Focus!  Read more about Vision 2030 here.

Next Steps in Unemployment Insurance Reform > Changes for Employers
Earlier this legislative session comprehensive unemployment insurance reform was passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor on February 19. The NC Chamber strongly supported this legislation that enacts real solutions to more effectively connect North Carolina’s unemployed citizens with jobs, shifting the focus from unemployment to reemployment. Additionally, it gives employers greater certainty by putting a plan in place to repay the more than $2 billion debt in three years.

Now that HB4 is state law, several changes will go into effect on June 30th. We want to help you understand how this will impact your business and what you can do to prepare. This memo from the NC Division of Employment Security outlines the changes that impact employers. Additionally, there is an online FAQ section or you can submit your questions to If you would like to request additional training for your company, you can email the Department of Commerce training specialist, Howard Michael, to arrange this.

Google for Entrepreneurs Coming to Raleigh – June 5
Google is partnering with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) to host Google for Entrepreneurs Day for Veterans, Service Members and Military Families on June 5th in Raleigh, NC. The morning of the event will be geared exclusively toward the veteran community, with the IVMF leading workshops on veteran career development. After lunch, the event will open to the broader entrepreneur community in Raleigh, and the Google team will host trainings and take questions on Google's tools for businesses and entrepreneurs. Check out the agenda and register here.

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